Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love Your Parents - Inspirational Story

Once, an old man was sitting on a bench of a garden with his 25 years old son. There was a tree beside the bench. 

Old man saw a bird sitting on the tree. He asked the son - what’s this? Son replied - it’s a crow.

The old… man again asked what’s this? Son said - I already told you that it’s a crow. The old man again asked what’s this? 

Son angrily said- are you deaf or mad, papa? How many times to tell you it’s a crow. Can’t u understand?

Old man patiently replied- my dear son, when u were 5 years old.

You asked me 174 times the same question that what’s this and I replied every time with a kiss that, it’s a crow! 

Now, I asked you 3 times and you were irritated.

It’s the difference between the love of parents and love from the children